John Fred William Riepe & Anna Wilhelmina [Luetger] Riepe Joseph Creighton Riepe, Sr. Bertha Fredericka [Riepe] Lord Ruby Fern Riepe & Otis Wendell Riepe Sophia [Peine] Riepe Josephine Catherine [Riepe] Ernst  


, (Unknown Co.), New York, USA

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Ballard, Matthias  Oct 1856, (Unknown Co.), New York, USA I2819 Riepe Roots Database 
2 Benne, Edward H.  5 Mar 1854, (Unknown Co.), New York, USA I309 Riepe Roots Database 
3 Birch, Anna Mary  Est 1890, (Unknown Co.), New York, USA I2697 Riepe Roots Database 
4 Clark, William H.  Est 1884, (Unknown Co.), New York, USA I2640 Riepe Roots Database 
5 Duggan, Minnie F.  1867, (Unknown Co.), New York, USA I1259 Riepe Roots Database 
6 Fuchs, Catherine Anna  Jun 1870, (Unknown Co.), New York, USA I2690 Riepe Roots Database 
7 Gleckle, Elizabeth  21 May 1863, (Unknown Co.), New York, USA I1886 Riepe Roots Database 
8 Greve, Anna Marie Elizabeth Louise  3 Mar 1858, (Unknown Co.), New York, USA I1627 Riepe Roots Database 
9 Holt, Luther Emmett Jr., M.D.  20 Mar 1895, (Unknown Co.), New York, USA I1201 Riepe Roots Database 
10 Huff, Henry A.  Aug 1860, (Unknown Co.), New York, USA I2830 Riepe Roots Database 
11 Lampus, Minnie  Est 1895, (Unknown Co.), New York, USA I3401 Riepe Roots Database 
12 Langdon, George F.  Est 1867, (Unknown Co.), New York, USA I2925 Riepe Roots Database 
13 Larkin, John S.  Jan 1853, (Unknown Co.), New York, USA I2280 Riepe Roots Database 
14 Leach, Joseph  Mar 1857, (Unknown Co.), New York, USA I2031 Riepe Roots Database 
15 MacKillop, William  24 Oct 1896, (Unknown Co.), New York, USA I2618 Riepe Roots Database 
16 Mangan, Elizabeth  16 Jun 1912, (Unknown Co.), New York, USA I2158 Riepe Roots Database 
17 Mangan, James  Est 1877, (Unknown Co.), New York, USA I2268 Riepe Roots Database 
18 Nolte, Julia Caroline  16 Apr 1859, (Unknown Co.), New York, USA I1771 Riepe Roots Database 
19 Northrup, Charles R.  Mar 1863, (Unknown Co.), New York, USA I4162 Riepe Roots Database 
20 Peppers, James Thomas  Nov 1918, (Unknown Co.), New York, USA I3523 Riepe Roots Database 
21 Peters, Henrietta  Feb 1847, (Unknown Co.), New York, USA I2717 Riepe Roots Database 
22 Riepe, Eleonora Magtalen  Apr 1856, (Unknown Co.), New York, USA I2001 Riepe Roots Database 
23 Riepe, Frederick Joseph  10 Feb 1937, (Unknown Co.), New York, USA I3516 Riepe Roots Database 
24 Riepe, Jean Ruth  12 Jul 1935, (Unknown Co.), New York, USA I3517 Riepe Roots Database 
25 Riepe, Margaret  Est 1861, (Unknown Co.), New York, USA I1410 Riepe Roots Database 
26 Riepe, Ruth Emma  10 Jun 1919, (Unknown Co.), New York, USA I3522 Riepe Roots Database 
27 Schmidt, Caroline  Apr 1860, (Unknown Co.), New York, USA I3597 Riepe Roots Database 
28 Schorr, Theodore H.  Sep 1845, (Unknown Co.), New York, USA I2716 Riepe Roots Database 
29 Schorr, William Louis Charles  Feb 1871, (Unknown Co.), New York, USA I2686 Riepe Roots Database 
30 Towlen, Katherine  Apr 1860, (Unknown Co.), New York, USA I2872 Riepe Roots Database 
31 Unger, Rosa  Aug 1861, (Unknown Co.), New York, USA I2829 Riepe Roots Database 
32 Weymann, John  Jan 1857, (Unknown Co.), New York, USA I1775 Riepe Roots Database 
33 Zink, Emma E.  1894, (Unknown Co.), New York, USA I1321 Riepe Roots Database 
34 [Unknown], Augusta M.  Est 1878, (Unknown Co.), New York, USA I2055 Riepe Roots Database 
35 [Unknown], Ellen  Jul 1856, (Unknown Co.), New York, USA I2276 Riepe Roots Database 
36 [Unknown], Josephine  Est 1880, (Unknown Co.), New York, USA I2271 Riepe Roots Database 
37 [Unknown], Mary  Est 1866, (Unknown Co.), New York, USA I2708 Riepe Roots Database 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Reipe, Clara K.  24 Jan 1913, (Unknown Co.), New York, USA I2918 Riepe Roots Database 
2 Riepe, Ruth Emma  30 Oct 1991, (Unknown Co.), New York, USA I3522 Riepe Roots Database 
3 RIEPE, WILHELM AUGUST HEINRICH  Nov 1957, (Unknown Co.), New York, USA I1302 Riepe Roots Database 


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Huff / Towlen  , (Unknown Co.), New York, USA F1311 Riepe Roots Database 
2 Bunnan or Brennan / Reipe  Est 1891, (Unknown Co.), New York, USA F1312 Riepe Roots Database 
3 Mangan / [Unknown]  Est 1899, (Unknown Co.), New York, USA F1533 Riepe Roots Database 
4 Langdon / Reipe  Est 1905, (Unknown Co.), New York, USA F1313 Riepe Roots Database 
5 Reipe / Birch  Est 1908, (Unknown Co.), New York, USA F1302 Riepe Roots Database 
6 Riepe / Zink  Est 1913, (Unknown Co.), New York, USA F664 Riepe Roots Database 
7 RIEPE / Mangan  Est 1930, (Unknown Co.), New York, USA F512 Riepe Roots Database 

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